If you are a home or business owner in Orange County, CA, then chances are, at some point, you have been curious about artificial grass from SYNLawn Orange County. For many of us, artificial grass may seem like a no-brainer solution to landscape design. However, there are just as many that have wondered whether traditional grass or synthetic turf is better. Fortunately, artificial grass from SYNLawn Orange County continues to prove to our customers the full potential of grass alternatives and how they can be beneficial long term rather than their natural counterparts.

Artificial Grass is Eco-Friendly

Today, the market for artificial grass in Southern California is extremely saturated, making it difficult to make a decision. However, if our attention to detail and realism is not enough, SYNLawn is the only manufacturer in the U.S. to manufacture plant-based synthetic grass. One of our main goals as a company is to provide customers with eco-friendly turf products that further our commitment to environmental sustainability. 

To do this, we work closely with U.S. soy farmers. It is with their collaboration that we can replace harmful components, such as petroleum, with sugar cane and soybean oil. Through decades of partnership and hard work, SYNLawn has become the first company to offer USDA-certified turf. As such, our grass solutions help conserve thousands of gallons of water and significantly reduce carbon emissions year-round while completely eliminating the need for any traditional maintenance.

Unmatched Realism

SYNLawn manufactures highly realistic artificial grass for Orange County homes, businesses, and more. We have worked tirelessly for years to accurately replicate the appearance and behavior of conventional grass as closely as possible to provide beautiful lawns, landscaping, putting greens, and other installations.

Our fantastic artificial turf is manufactured at our facility in Dalton, GA. It is in this 400,000-square foot ISO 9001-certified facility that we can control our quality every step of the way and ensure that we meet environmental standards every time. From yarn design to the final product, we have done the necessary research and development to create synthetic turf that is unmatched in quality anywhere else in our industry, including in Southern California. 

The Most Durable Orange County Synthetic Turf 

At SYNLawn Orange County, our synthetic grass is equipped with technological advancements that combine several unique elements to increase durability. Super Yarn, our first-of-its-kind yarn formula, and EnviroLoc+, our plant-based backing system, combine to provide you with highly durable artificial grass. As a result, your lawn or landscape will be able to resist changes in weather, heavy foot traffic, and high activity, as well as pets that love to try and dig holes.


One of the largest reasons that customers will choose to look into artificial grass is that it simply does not require the same level of maintenance as traditional grass. At SYNLawn Orange County, our artificial grass makes it possible to leave mowing, watering, and fertilizing in the past. You will never have to do more than sweep or leaf blow your lawn at your convenience for the many years that your lawn will be installed.

Artificial grass relaxation area
Commercial artificial grass patios

Antimicrobial Properties

As mentioned, the turf from SYNLawn Orange County utilizes an exclusive yarn formula called Super Yarn. Included in the formula is the highly effective antimicrobial Sanitized®. Sanitized® eliminates up to 99% of bacteria from turf surfaces and actively controls odors that are caused by the ammonia that is in pet waste. In addition, Sanitized® fights the buildup of fungi and algae that are known to aggravate respiratory allergies, making our turf cleaner and healthier.

Superior Safety Standards

Regardless of how old you are or how much experience you have in life, accidents happen. At SYNLawn Orange County, we take safety very seriously. We were the first company to recognize the need for IPEMA-certified artificial grass and the first to provide Class A fire-rated grass solutions. This means that you will be better protected from common injuries and falls up to 10 feet, and your lawn will help to slow and prevent the spread of fires that can lead to serious injuries.

Our Unmatched Warranty

Although we are confident in our Orange County artificial grass, we believe that offering a lifetime warranty is something that every confident manufacturer should provide. Many companies may offer you a 15-20 year warranty on their products, but we choose to go beyond this. SYNLawn Orange County offers an unmatched lifetime warranty that not only covers your purchase but also covers your installation and everything else involved in completing your landscape. It is our pleasure to provide you with the highest level of customer service and the most meticulous installations. In the event that something goes wrong, we will be there to make it right for you in Orange County, CA.

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At SYNLawn Orange County, we believe our exceptional artificial grass is superior to conventional grass in Orange County and other Southern California communities. We believe in our synthetic grass and are happy to continue innovating in the market as well as learning from our customers. In doing so, we can continue to be the number one choice for Orange County artificial grass. For more information about our team and everything we have to offer, contact us today and take advantage of your free consultation!

Orange County Artificial Grass is perfect for those who are conscious of their landscapes and want them to remain beautiful all year long, but don’t always have the time to spend maintaining them. SYNLawn artificial grass is designed to eliminate mowing, watering, pulling weeds, and repairing holes. Instead, our customers enjoy the ultra-realistic movements and appearance of their synthetic grass year-round.

SYNLawn® Artificial Turf Saves Time and Money

Natural grass needs constant attention, costs a ton of money to water, and wastes valuable resources. Statistics show that one residential lawn alone accounts for nearly 70% of home water consumption. In areas where droughts are a serious problem, SYNLawn offers a highly effective solution for homeowners to do their part to conserve tens of thousands of gallons per year. In addition, our eco-friendly artificial turf will lower your carbon footprint by preventing nearly 90 pounds of carbon emission from just one lawn mower per year.

The Many Applications of Orange County Synthetic Grass

Orange County artificial grass is making itself at home in more than just backyards. In fact, commercial property owners love our products because of the growing list of applications that accommodate synthetic grass effortlessly. Thanks to its incredible resilience to foot traffic, advanced technologies, and its ability to replicate real grass as closely as possible.

Applications include, but are not limited to:

Blue slide on artificial playground grass

Professional Installation Techniques

At SYNLawn we pride ourselves in exploring any way that we can set ourselves apart from the competition in our industry. One of the ways that we do this is with our professional installations. Improper installations that are completed in opposite directions leave seems and cause turf to look unnatural. Residential and commercial properties understand the value of creating a stunning first impression and for this reason, they choose SYNLawn. We specialize in performing meticulous installations and provide the highest level of customer service. We are licensed, insured, and bonded to complete even the most expensive commercial projects from start to finish and our products are backed by an unmatched limited lifetime warranty.

SYNLawn® Artificial Turf is Environmentally Sustainable

While there are many companies that manufacture artificial grass in Orange County, SYNLawn is the only company that offers plant-based grass alternatives. We are dedicated to manufacturing products that are environmentally responsible. We have one planet and as one of the largest manufacturers of artificial grass, we feel we have a responsibility to sustainability. To do so, we work closely with US soy farmers. This ensures that we can locally source bio-and plant-based materials including renewable soybeans to reduce our carbon output and replace significant amounts of petroleum from our manufacturing process. This incredible relationship has opened the door to new job opportunities for soy farmers as well as helped us produce our plant-based backing system, EnviroLoc+, and led us to become the first company to offer USDA-certified synthetic turf.

SYNLawn® Manufactures the Safest Orange County Artificial Turf

It starts with our Super Yarn formula. Super Yarn includes a highly effective antimicrobial by Sanitized®. This coating eliminates up to 99% of bacteria that lead to infections, prevents airborne allergies, and controls odors caused by ammonia in pet waste. Next, SYNLawn products are IPEMA-certified and meet Head Injury Criteria as they are independently tested to meet fall attenuation. This makes Orange County synthetic turf safe for all ages and capable of cushioning falls up to 10 feet to prevent common injuries found on playgrounds. Further, Orange County synthetic turf won’t shift on impact and is ADA-compliant. Finally, we offer ASTM E-108 Class A fire-rated products. This coveted fire rating proves that our grass can help slow and prevent the spread of fires which can cause potentially fatal injuries.

Shot of a commercial Artificial Grass common area

SYNLawn Orange County offers easily the most realistic, versatile, eco-friendly, and durable artificial grass available on the market to date. We have decades of experience researching and developing new ways to innovate synthetic turf. Contact us to learn more about SYNLawn products and how they can transform and increase the value of your property. Schedule a consultation and receive a free quote today!