Commercial Synthetic Grass Features

SYNLawn is perfect for use in any commercial landscaping situation. Choosing SYNLawn synthetic grass is both environmentally friendly and helps contribute to building green, on top of reducing the costs that come along with maintenance of natural grass landscapes.

Expenses you incur with traditional grass landscaping include professional mowers, fertilizing, re-sodding and more on an annual basis in most cases. Using SYNLawn also nearly eliminates the cost of irrigation, which is often one of the biggest expenses with natural grass.

SYNLawn can be used virtually anywhere, which is just another reason that many commercial properties have chosen SYNLawn as their artificial turf. From airports, military bases and government facilities to roadway medians, shopping center medians, schools, urban buildings, office buildings and apartment complexes and more, SYNLawn is saving money for these businesses and more. SYNLawn is also often used in places where natural grass is not an option such as where maintenance access is difficult, watering is not possible, shady areas will prevent sustainability or foot traffic destroys the surface.

Advantages of SYNLawn for Commercial Landscaping

Reduced Maintenance Cost

SYNLawn could reduce or eliminate the costs of natural lawn care, with the average return on investment at 2-3 years.

Healthy Lush Appearance Year Round

Your artificial grass will stay green and healthy looking all year regardless of weather or drought conditions.

Unlimited Design Possibilities

SYNLawn can be used in places where natural grass just isn’t feasible. Areas like rooftops, indoors, steep slopes, heavily shaded areas or otherwise non-accessible areas are all perfect candidates for artificial grass.

Always Available for Use

While natural grass isn’t always at its best – waiting for regrowth after heavy use – SYNLawn is always ready to go. This is perfect for venues that see high foot traffic on a regular basis.

Clean Environment

With natural grass you have dirt – and when it rains that dirt turns into mud – neither of which are a concern with SYNLawn, which is ready for used even immediately following a heavy rain.

Most Credible Warranty in the Industry

As the only truly vertically integrated manufacturer of artificial grass in the industry, SYNLawn has the most credible manufacturer-backed warranty you’ll find.

Specifying SYNLawn in Your Next Commercial Application

Full Library of Specifications and Tests

You can download product specifications from our architect and designer library or visit for the complete set of technical specifications and test results in traditional AutoCAD and .PDF formats.

USGBC LEED Certification Information

Ask us how SYNLawn can contribute to LEED certification for your commercial project.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

When you choose SYNLawn for your commercial landscaping project you are purchasing directly from the only vertically integrated manufacturer in the synthetic turf industry. This ensures quality products, leading technology, and the ability to meet the demand of large-scale commercial projects.