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SYNLawn® products are far beyond just artificial grass, they are both technological and ecological feats. We’ve grown to be North America’s top manufacturer and installer of synthetic landscape grass, pet turf, playground grass, synthetic putting surfaces, and much more over the last 50 years.

Our products are backed by our unmatched limited lifetime warranty and continue to live up to all of our customer’s expectations. We are proud to have completed more than 200,000 installations across America since 2004 and our numbers continue to grow on a daily basis.

Time, Money, And Environmental Benefits Of Synlawn® Artificial Grass

SYNLawn® products are responsible for a more than 50% reduction in water use from the moment they are installed saving our customers money and conserving thousands of gallons of water each year. Thanks to the help of our relationship with US soy farmers, Orange County artificial grass is the most ecologically conscious faux grass available today. We utilize both sugar cane and soybean oil to manufacture our products and this can be seen in our EnviroLoc™ backing system that not only secures turf fibers from shedding but offers a porous surface that promotes optimal drainage so that you, your children, your pets, friends, or employees can resume use of our products nearly immediately after being exposed to water.

Orange County synthetic grass saves you time and money on maintenance. Say goodbye to mowing, weeding, and watering, and hello to the time you’ll get back to invest in what matters the most to you. At the very most you are looking at a leaf blowing or rinse from a hose.

SYNLawn® understands the importance of prioritizing safety, especially for our children. Fortunately, many SYNLawn® products are IPEMA certified. With this certification, our artificial grass will help to avoid typical playground or backyard injuries and abrasions, no matter how hard they play. You may rest easy knowing that our IPEMA certification protects you against falls of up to 10 feet, reducing the risk of injury from playground equipment

Synlawn® Faux Grass Is Perfect For A Plethora Of Applications For Both Residential And Commercial Costumes Including:

  • Lawns
  • Hotels
  • Retail stores
  • Playgrounds
  • Landscapes
  • Spas
  • Restaurants
  • Pet Parks
  • Fitness facilities and many more

Applications For Orange County Artificial Grass

Orange County artificial grass is suited for a variety of commercial and residential applications. SYNLawn® products are ideal for creating a playground, a dog run or play area, maximizing the use of your rooftop space, or revitalizing your backyard. Providing increased strength in areas with a high volume of foot traffic and activity. Furthermore, even in areas with intense sunlight or high temperatures, our UV stabilized yarns prevent color loss all year.

SYNLawn® products are safe for everyone, including your pets. Orange County synthetic turf offers pet deodorizing systems that use innovative pet system components to create the cleanest and safest environments for pets. We create surfaces that provide your pet with a safe and sanitary place to play and relax. With Orange County artificial grass, you’ll say goodbye to muddy paws, unwanted pests, as well as stains and odors from pet waste.

Exclusive Super Yarn™ Formula

No other company in our industry offers our exclusive first-of-its-kind yarn formula, Super Yarn™. Super Yarn™ is the only three-component yarn composition of its type, and it’s used in a plethora of our artificial grass alternatives. Super Yarn™ was developed with the intention of making our grass more durable, safe, and sanitary. The first is the exceptionally powerful antibacterial by Sanitized®, which prevents fungal and bacterial growth as well as pet stains and smells. Next, DualChill™ IR reflecting technology’s ability to function as a heat buffer for the fibers strengthens them over time, making them more resistant and durable. Finally, StatBlock™ is a carbon-based anti-static substance that is molecularly bonded to grass strands and prevents static energy generation.

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