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Senior living facilities are something that not everyone is comfortable with – but they are necessary for those seniors who are no longer able to take care of themselves and do not have someone they can rely on for proper care. In many cases these are aging adults with a wide range of health issues from simple arthritis to dementia – making patient safety the number one concern for those who run such facilities. One often overlooked way to reduce accidents and injuries in retirement homes is to install synthetic grass, like SYNLawn, which is often used on playgrounds to reduce fall related injuries.

SYNLawn is the perfect option for senior living facilities who are hoping to create safer activity spaces, lawns and courtyards for their patients. The SYNLawn Playground Systems the safest, most consistent playground surface and can provide protection from falls as high as 10 feet under the accordance with IPEMA standards and CSA approved fall attenuation. This protection can be just as beneficial to our aging population as it can our youngest and most adventurous.

Built-In Safety

With soft padding installed under the grass that cannot be displaced, even with high activity, this is the safest artificial turf for any part of your senior living facility.


Older skin is thinner and tends to bruise and break much easier, which makes SYNLawn’s soft to the touch artificial grass the perfect solution. If some does fall, the padding and soft grass will prevent many injuries.


As we age, we find that we are allergic to more and more that had never been a problem before. SYNLawn’s synthetic grass makes allergens found in natural grass a distant memory.

Balboa park common area with artificial turf

Superior Drainage

After a rain storm natural grass is a mess of sorts – mud puddles and slippery patches at every turn. With the superior drainage system SYNLawn is ready for use and can be walked over safely even immediately after a heavy storm.

Low Maintenance

Even though your businesses primary focus is patient and resident care, the cost of maintaining your business always finds a way to factor in. SYNLawn artificial turf reduces or potentially eliminates the maintenance cost associated with a natural grass lawn.