Orange County Pet Turf and Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

At SYNLawn®, it is no secret to us that every pet owner not only wants their pet to be safe and healthy, but they have different needs for their landscape. In response to this, we went back to the drawing board to design artificial pet grass specifically for them. We work closely with our customers to determine which of our incredible products will work best for their needs as well as their pets.

Orange County artificial pet grass is great for the environment, helps you conserve water, and is exceptionally friendly towards your pet. In addition, SYNLawn® pet systems offer superior durability so no matter how hard they may try, your pets will not be able to dig or tear through your lawn any longer. Say goodbye to holes, muddy paws, or unwanted pests.

The Many Benefits of Orange County Pet Turf Installations

Much like our other incredible products. SYNLawn® pet systems provide a wide variety of benefits that our competitors cannot compete with. Our progress is the result of more than 50 years of research and development other companies can’t hold a candle to. SYNLawn® does it all. Our Pet System will create a secure and comfortable environment for your pet to spend time outside. The SYNLawn® pet system customizes a solution for each pet application depending on your and your dog’s needs. Families and dogs who have selected SYNLawn® synthetic lawns are always pleased with their decision.

SYNLawn® Pets Stay Clean

Your furry friend at times will get into a mess that you otherwise would have hoped they would have avoided. This could be from digging the muddy, getting wet paws from the rain, or bringing fleas and ticks into the house with them. With the help of our exclusive Super Yarn™ technology, we are able to prevent pets from coming in contact with harmful bacteria thanks to the included antimicrobial by Sanitized®. This effective antimicrobial diligently eliminates 99% of bacteria found on surfaces such as pet grass to keep them from harmful chemicals, pests, and more.

Orange County Pet Grass Provides Optimal Drainage

SYNLawn® pet turf additionally includes the EnviroLoc™ eco-friendly backing system. This recyclable backing is made from soybean oil adding to its safety for pets. In addition, it features a porous body that provides optimal drainage allowing you and your pets to resume use after the hose is used, something is spilled, or rain has fallen.

Stain and Odor Resistance Thanks Orange County Pet Grass

SYNLawn® pet grass includes what is referred to as infill to reduce 80% of the odors caused by ammonia in pet waste. Envirofill® is free of harsh chemicals and metals that can sometimes be found in the manufacturing process of artificial grass. It is made from acrylic sand that is non-toxic to pets as well as children and will additionally help keep surfaces cool for paws.

Nothing Can Dig Through Orange County Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

Orange County pet grass provides a secure landscape that will prevent even gophers and moles from making a home in your landscape without an invitation. Consider our products an upgraded security system against unwanted visitors.

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At SYNLawn® we specialize in creating environmentally sustainable and innovative products that can be applied to any landscape for any scenario. We work closely with our customers and ensure that they’re more than satisfied with our already precise installations and expert customer service. We enjoy getting to know our clients and taking on their specifications as they allow us to grow as a company and provide superior results regardless of the project. For more information on our services and products, contact SYNLawn® today to book a free consultation!