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Monsaraz Hotel

Products Used: SYNAugustine X47 and Precision Put

Square Footage: 14000 sq ft.

Debuting in June 2021, The Monsaraz by Hilton courtyard space was designed with the goal of providing an artistic space for members of the community to gather and socialize. SYNLawn Orange County had the pleasure of lending their hand on this incredible turf installation. At the Monsaraz, we installed two of our eco-friendly and ultra-realistic OC artificial grass solutions in the hotel’s brand-new courtyard. The new courtyard represents a sense of independence, as do the roughly 65 original hotels in Hilton’s portfolio. Take advantage of the property’s distinctive architecture and vibrant personality to sample the local cuisine and culture of the harbor.

What used to be a concrete parking lot has now been revitalized with the elegance and superior durability of SYNLawn Orange County artificial grass. For this project, we needed to install products that would not only boast the ultra-realism of traditional grass, but incorporate the highest safety standards, and cutting-edge turf technologies. So, we started with the base. Over top of the concrete floor, we laid out our state-of-the-art rubber underpayment system, SYNPour. SYNPour is a state-of-the-art pour-in-place technology for high activity, heavy foot traffic and sporting events, as it is nonabrasive and aids in shock absorption. Installed above the pour-in-place surface is both SYNRye 200 and SYNSport to create one united and elegant design.

SYNRye 200 and SYNSport offer many exclusive features and benefits that set SYNLawn apart in an otherwise saturated market. These two incredible OC synthetic grass solutions include EnviroLoc+ backing system, HeatBlock technology, and UV stabilized yarns to prevent the turf from fading. In addition, the many guests of the hotel vary in ages, which means that in order to ensure that everyone is safe, the Monsaraz needed to choose artificial turf that could meet the highest safety standards and heavy foot traffic. SYNRye 200 and SYNSport both offer IPEMA certification and ADA compliance, while SYNSport provides the highly sought-after ASTM E108 Class A fire rating. These standards allow our products to protect against falls up to 10 feet, common injuries, abrasions, and expand the absolutely crucial time window firefighters need to arrive to put out and prevent the spread of fires.


Our proprietary HeatBlock technology can reduce surface temperatures by up to 20%. This technology allows SYNLawn Orange County synthetic turf to provide cooler temperatures than any other turf brand on the market. In physics, the emissivity of a substance refers to how much heat it absorbs and projects from the surface. Similar to how dark clothing absorbs more heat than light clothes, synthetic grass has the capacity to both store and release heat. In response, the research and development team at SYNLawn developed the HeatBlock solution to reduce thermal emissivity making SYNLawn turf cooler and more comfortable to the touch.


The multi-layered EnviroLoc+ backing technology serves as a security mechanism for our installations, ensuring long-lasting grass fibers and extending product life. This environmentally responsible component is produced in the US using materials obtained from our US soy farmer partners. EnviroLoc+ delivers optimal drainage to allow our synthetic grass to be utilized practically immediately after it comes into contact with water or spills, while preserving tremendous quantities of water. Furthermore, the new and improved EnviroLoc+ backing, features a coating of the highly effective antimicrobial by Sanitized. Sanitized eliminates 99% of bacteria and prevents dead zones created by algae, that can lead to airborne respiratory allergies.


SYNLawn is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and installations. We work closely with industry professionals including architects, landscape designers, general contractors, construction workers, and more to create environmentally responsible environments. Our true to life behaviors and appearances are the result of more than 50 years of research and development. Our dedication to our customers inspires us to continue to design products that save time, money, and valuable environmental resources.

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