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Olympus Park

Products Used: Play Platinum

Square Footage: 2000 sq ft.

Back in 2017, the mayor of Encinitas took a pledge to participate in a national initiative to provide more outdoor green spaces for her community. With the help of SYNLawn, she was able to take a step toward delivering on her pledge.

The park’s many amenities feature several recreational areas, walking paths, a zipline, exercise pads for yoga, a small dog park, and more. In addition, Olympus Park features the exclusive pour-in-place safety course that allowed us to quickly connect the turf to the cushion course to accommodate the installation’s slopes and undulations, including the park’s adventure hill.

For this project, SYNLawn Orange County lent its hand in installing 2,000 square feet of our legendary Play Platinum playground systems. With the many visitors to the park, it was important to make the smartest decision to protect the children that play there as well as allow them to have the time of their lives. Orange County artificial grass from SYNLawn is the top choice for playground installation as we provide ultra-realistic appearances and behaviors, exclusive cutting-edge technologies, and environmentally sustainable materials. The property managers of Olympus Park knew that they made the right decision to choose one of the largest leaders in the artificial turf industry.


SYNLawn synthetic turf is the result of more than 50 years of research and development and features exclusive technologies that enhance the quality, longevity and eco-friendly nature of Orange County artificial grass. Olympus Park’s installation includes two of our most innovative breakthroughs.


Super Yarn is the culmination of three unique enhancements that are bound together molecularly, resulting in one exclusive yarn formula.

  • Sanitized® antimicrobial coats turf surfaces and keeps our children safe by eliminating up to 99% of bacteria
  • StatBlock™ is an effective anti-static that prevents the accumulation of static electricity so kids can avoid static shock
  • DualChill™ IR reflective technology acts as a thermal shield that strengthens our products allowing them to be more resilient and durable over long time periods


EnviroLoc+ is the plant-based backing system, by SYNLawn that locks in turf fibers with recyclable eco-friendly materials to prevent shedding and increase turf durability. We work closely with US soy farmers to source the soybean oil and sugar cane that we use to manufacture our products. With their help, SYNLawn became the first provider of USDA-certified Orange County artificial grass. In addition, EnviroLoc+ has a maximum drainage rate of 1,200 inches per hour to preserve your soil and allow for immediate usage after rainfall.


Play Platinum provides an exceptionally safe and sanitary surface for children to play on without the risk of infection and small injuries. Play Platinum is the safest artificial grass surface for children of all ages due to its heat-reflective, anti-static, Sanitized®, and non-abrasive grass blades. Daycare institutions, school districts, playgrounds, parks, and more continue to move from traditional play surfaces to SYNLawn’s Play systems because Play Platinum offers added safety features, such as an ASTM Class A Fire Rating and IPEMA Certification, that greatly reduce playground accidents.


To ensure the safety of our customers and their children, our team of experts designs Orange County artificial grass that meets some of the highest standards. Play Platinum’s IPEMA and ADA compliances not only make our products wheelchair accessible, but they also help to prevent common injuries and abrasions that lead to infection as well as include a 10-foot fall rating in the event that more serious spills occur.

In addition, while we always hope to avoid them, accidental fires can happen at any time. Fortunately, SYNLawn offers Orange County synthetic grass that is proven to help prevent the spread of fires. While many of our competitors claim they can protect against fires, SYNLawn is one of the only manufacturers to offer a collection of ASTM E108 Class A fire-rated grass alternatives. This coveted fire rating allows firefighters more time to arrive on a call to put out a spreading fire. Finally, SYNLawn offers the strongest warranty against reflective light. Reflective light not only causes grass to fade but dry out which can lead to new fires.

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