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Here in San Clemente, CA, residential and commercial customers are transforming their landscapes with SYNLawn artificial grass. At SYNLawn Orange County, we provide the most realistic, technologically advanced, and eco-friendly artificial turf San Clemente has ever seen. We utilize the highest quality materials to replicate the natural appearances and behaviors of real grass without the ongoing maintenance and irrigation requirements.

SYNLawn is dedicated to creating the safest, cleanest, greenest, and most durable artificial grass installations in the San Clemente area. We work closely with US soy farmers so that we can locally source environmentally responsible materials, including sugar cane for our turf fibers and soybean oil for our backing system. Additionally, we work with landscape architects, designers, construction companies, general contractors, and so many more, to ensure that we create responsible and forward-thinking landscapes.

Benefits of San Clemente artificial grass include, but are not limited to:

  • Super Yarn™ technology: the industry’s first plant-based turf yarn designed with three proprietary turf technologies bound at the molecular level
  • Sanitized® antimicrobial eliminates 99% of bacteria from turf surfaces
  • DualChill™ IR reflectivity paired with the strongest warranty against reflective light
  • StatBlock™ antistatic prevents the accumulation of static electricity
  • EnviroLoc+™ backing system prevents shedding and prevents airborne allergies
  • Maximum drainage allows for use as soon as storms fade
  • HeatBlock™ technology provides significantly cooler surfaces, up to 20%
  • Omega™ Technology: Provides long-lasting blade integrity
  • The strongest warranty against reflective light
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly US-made materials
  • ASTM E108 Class A Fire Rated products
  • The ONLY distributor of USDA-certified products with plant-based content ranging from 60% to 80%
  • Unmatched limited lifetime warranty
  • Monthly payment plans


Increase your property value and drastically improve your short game with San Clemente golf greens from SYNLawn. Developed in partnership with the legendary golf coach Dave Pelz, SYNLawn golf greens and putting green turf provide the same PGA-caliber performance that you would expect from your favorite golf courses. Customize your dream golf green with the highest quality golf turf with the option to add sand traps, bunkers, LED cup lights and more!

SYNLawn Orange County offer unique features not found in other artificial grass putting greens such as:

  • Realistic putt with a very true ball roll and ball bounce
  • Extremely durable surface to chip on
  • No water will settle beneath the putting green and wash the base out
  • Effective drains in each cup prevent backfill of water and mold
  • Ability to install LED cup lights
  • Add sand traps, tee lines, tee boxes, slopes, obstacles and more
  • Do not require frequent sand refills like other backyard golf green products
  • Engineered by an ex-NASA engineer to imitate natural grass as close as possible


SYNLawn Orange County playground turf is designed to be the safest and most sanitary solution for playground installations. Our playground turf flooring provides exclusive benefits to your San Clemente playground facility, allowing children and parents to enjoy what SYNLawn artificial grass has to offer such as enhanced safety, durability, and vibrance.

  • IPEMA certification and ADA compliance
  • Sanitized antimicrobial eliminates 99% of all bacteria from the turf surface
  • Cooler surface temperatures for children to play barefoot
  • Shock absorbing cushions provide protection from falls of up to ten feet
  • Head Injury Criteria (HIC) compliance to protect against head injuries
  • TrampleZones® can be added to prevent tearing on the turf surface in high traffic areas such as at the entrance of jungle gyms and below the swing set


Provide your pets with the perfect backyard space for playtime and lounging in the sun. Rain or shine, our pet-friendly artificial grass lawns are engineered to be enjoyable through all seasons. No more uncomfortably hot surface temperatures or muddy paws being tracked into the house. With our exclusive HeatBlock technology, EnviroLoc backing system, Super Yarn technology, and pet friendly Envirofill antimicrobial infill, you can enjoy numerous benefits to a San Celemente pet turf installation from SYNLawn. No more worrying about stains and odors from pet waste, dead grass, or traditional maintenance requirements such as mowing and watering.

Our Super Yarn technology is packed with a highly effective antimicrobial component to remove odor-causing bacteria. Super Yarn also features our DualChill IR reflective technology to reduce heat buildup and prevent the turf from fading. Lastly, it incorporates StatBlock carbon-based anti-static ingredients to provide safer and more enjoyable lawn spaces for your pets. In combination with our EnviroLoc backing system, our San Clemente pet grass is incredibly safe and resilient under heavy activity. It is engineered to provide the most durable turf by locking in turf fibers, preventing turf shedding and hole digging, provide optimal drainage capabilities and much more.


Our artificial living walls in San Clemente are made with high-quality and ultra-realistic artificial plants, flowers, leaves, and ivies. Our green wall panels are designed to meet the demands of both architects and homeowners with looking to green spaces where real plants do not grow. For decades, we have been exploring for new plant shapes, sizes, and colors. Understanding natural color and texture is critical for creating the most authentic, long-lasting, and attractive imitation green walls. Our luxury garden walls are designed to move like actual plants while requiring no ongoing care. Furthermore, they allow you to express yourself creatively while also providing a number of unique benefits such as:

  • Perfect for interior and exterior designs
  • 8 varieties of bright colors and lush textures to choose from
  • Lightweight panels designed to allow free movement of air
  • Unmatched realism: exact colors, shadings, and dimensions
  • UV-protection to minimize fading of outdoor installations
  • Customizable arrangements with a range of color boxes
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards
  • No watering, trimming, or pruning required
  • Resists fading from the sun
  • Allows for significant sound reduction and privacy enhancement
  • Built to endure all weather conditions
  • Easy to shape, attach, and maintain
  • Fire tested and certified


SYNLawn Orange County can help elevate your landscape designs to new heights. Our masterfully trained San Clemente artificial grass installers are dedicated to helping you achieve even the most unique design ideas. We guarantee the highest quality installations and customer service from project inception to long after project completion. For more information on our services and products, contact SYNLawn Orange County to schedule a free consultation today!